Gun-Toting Friend of the Boss Intimidated Color Labs Employees

By Gary Cutlack on at

A slightly mad, probably-only-in-America legal case has been uncovered, which finds a former employee of Color Labs complaining about the crazy excesses of US start-up culture.

The case sees Adam Witherspoon, one of video sharing app Color's founding staff members, suing the company and former CEO Bill Nguyen for, amongst other things, "humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress" caused during his time there.

The distress part comes from claims that boss Nguyen was a bit of a nutcase, who on one occasion brought a "friend" into the office who was waving around a gun, in what Witherspoon says was an attempt to intimidate staff and run the business with an iron fist.

The legal case also confirms recent rumours that the app company has been bought in its entirety by Apple, and makes some bizarre claims about the finances of the company, with Nguyen alleged to have placed his family's nanny and a private ski instructor on the company pay roll. [TechCrunch via The Register]