Haha, Kim Dotcom Wants to Build an Underwater Broadband Pipeline

By Leslie Horn on at

Kim Dotcom is trying to build an undersea broadband pipeline that connects Australia, New Zealand, and Los Angeles. Translation: the Megaupload founder is trying to resurrect a project that is seriously never going to happen.

The project, called Pacific Fibre, is something Dotcom's tried before. But it never got off the ground because Dotcom wasn't able to raise the $400 million investment needed for a 6,500 cable. On top of that, he would probably have to have U.S. approval, and he's not exactly in a position to get that, considering current and past legal woes with the feds. Plus, a pipeline that aids people in pirating probably isn't the most welcome idea in L.A., home to Hollywood and the music industry, of course. Dotcom might be relaunching Megaupload in early 2013, but Pacific Fibre some insane plan that is never going to be a real thing. [Venture Beat]