Here's a Handy Portal To All the Internet's Totally Useless Websites

By Eric Limer on at

For all the things that the Internet does to make all our lives easier, it also does a bunch of things that are just stupid. For every Google Maps that helps you find your way around a strange city, there's a, where everything is possible but nothing happens. The Useless Web well help you explore all of the second kind.

Created by Tim Holman, The Useless Web is a simple site with only one goal: to waste your time. Start clicking and it won't be long until you've wiled away far too much time in corners of the Internet that serve no purpose whatsoever (read: the best corners of the Internet). So dive in and kill some time this afternoon, and if you find any real gems, drop 'em in the comments. [The Useless Web via The Verge]