Here's How They Created That Incredible Exploding Football Field In The Dark Knight Rises

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Dark Knight Rises was pretty incredible for many reasons, truly living up to the hype. But one of the most jaw-dropping bits was when Bane blew-up an American football stadium right at the start of a game. Here's how they actually did it.

It's mind-boggling the extents that blockbuster movie makers go to in creating these awesome effects. Raised turf with holes for people to fall into, pyrotechnics galore, a myriad of stunt personnel, and then literally months spent in the visual effects studio. I'd say it was pretty bloody worth it in the end, because that scene genuinely made the movie for me. They'll be more where that came from when the DVD lands on December 3rd, and judging by that clip, it might actually be worth watching the special features for once. [MSN Movies via Total Film]