HP's Music Streaming Service Will Power Windows 8 Computers (Good News If You Like Rihanna)

By Kat Hannaford on at

HP's partnership with Universal Music was unveiled several months back, but it's taken until now for the full bevy of info-children to tumble out: basically, HP Connected Music will be pre-loaded onto all of HP's Windows 8 computers, offering up free streaming access to Universal (and EMI's, don't forget) entire catalogue of music, plus a bunch of rewards (exclusive gigs; VIP trips etc).

Unfortunately that free streaming only lasts for 90 days, but if you cough up for a HP Spectre or Envy PC, you can also download 10 free MP3s each month for the same time period, too. Pricing after those three months have expired hasn't been confirmed just yet, but let's be honest -- if it costs a fiver or more, you're better off with Spotify (or one of the other streaming services, which pulls from all record labels' catalogues). [HP Connected Music]