Husband Discovers Wife Was a Man After 19 Years of Happy Marriage

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 64-year-old man was left rather confused and angry after discovering his wife of the last 19 years originally left the factory as a man. She didn't tell him about her earlier, pre-sex-change life as a bloke.

The Belgian chap met his Indonesian wife while she was employed as an au pair to look after his sister's kids. He later employed her to look after his children from a previous relationship, before The Magic Happened and they ended up as an item.

Belgian authorities were suspicious of her paperwork when it came to getting citizenship in the country, but let her in anyway, where the pair settled down, got married and apparently enjoyed a normal sex life despite the lady's colourful previous physical transition.

19 years later, a friend told him he'd heard his wife used to be a man and things turned violent, the police got involved and we wouldn't be at all surprised if some dinner plates were thrown at walls. The man, the actual man who was born as a man, is now applying for his marriage to be annulled. [The Register]

Image credit: Drag queen from Shutterstock