Will Apple Really Block Google Maps From the iPhone?

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a polite slagging match going on between the Guardian and Wired, with the former claiming Google sources are "not optimistic" about Apple approving a Google-made Maps app, while the latter compiles a long list of reasons why it might. Now, we like the Guardian and we also enjoy Wired, but who's right? There's only one way to find out -- wait.

The original Guardian piece claims a Google Maps app for iTunes is well under way, with a potential release planned for the end of the year, although the Guardian's sources say this is only in "the unlikely event" that Apple would approve the release of an app that clones on of its key new iOS features. Whoever it spoke to at Google clearly isn't expecting it to gain approval.

In the Wired corner, however, we see the site produce a great long list of Google apps that have been approved for iOS release, most notably including the native YouTube app that surely takes business away from Apple's own media sales division.

Apple has also recently released a specific "Find maps for your iPhone" mapping sub-section of iTunes, listing alternative maps for those still not enjoying its new in-house mapping option, which suggests it's at least trying to placate its users and that releasing a Google Maps app wouldn't therefore be much of a deal.

In summary, Google Maps for iOS might come out. Or it might not. [Guardian via Wired]