If the Back to the Future Shoes Were Made Today, They Would Look Like This

By Casey Chan on at

The Nike MAG, which we lovingly know as the Back to the Future shoes, always had the aww-inducing charm of the '80s. Even though they were meant to represent style of 2015, the shoes were totally retro futuristic. These Nikes though? They look as if the Back to the Future shoes were invented in 2012.

Custom made by Brian Villanueva, he took a pair of Nike Hyperdunks and added LED lights to the heel, a rechargeable battery via USB and electroluminescent lighting on the tongue and outsole. It's pretty incredible and arguably looks better than the real Nike Air MAG (though you would never hear me say that!).

There is something about the combination of colors and LED lights that make me swoon every time I see them. Check out more pictures of them here. [SneakerNews]