Instant Google Street View Autocompletes Map Searches On the Fly

By Leslie Horn on at

This is so totally epic. Go to and start typing in an address, place name, or location. The site will automagically go to the address it predicts you're thinking of, complete with Google Street View images. Amazing, right?

I just lost myself on this site typing in random places. And then as it autocompleted, I came across more random places. For example, typing in Times Square produced the Times paper of Shreveport, Louisiana, before it got me smack dab in the middle of New York City.

It's a pretty fun little tool. If the place you have in mind isn't on Street Map, it'll just give you a regular old map. And you can switch back and forth between classic view and maps view. Either way it's still pretty great. [QSView, h/t @KatManalac]