Is Apple Looking to Morph Bookshelves Into Launchpad?

By Chris Mills on at

Another day, another patent: according to this one, Apple wants to incorporate a book-case (which you might just recognise from iBooks) into OS X's app launcher. Is this another sign that Apple's slowly drawing its operating systems together, or just the latest in a long, long line of patents out of Cupertino?

The patent describes a multi-level, 3D dock that should look quite similar to the one already used to house your virtual tomes in iOS. The patent (in true Apple style) doesn't just limit itself to one facet either; it also describes auto-sort and search features. Truth be told, it looks like it would provide a small bump in functionality over the current Launchpad; whether it makes it into production, or remains as another entry in Apple's patent inventory, remains to be seen. [PatentlyApple via TechCrunch]

Image credit: Patented from Shutterstock