Is Your 3G Crap Now EE's Launched 4G?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Reports are coming in that people on Orange and T-mobile have been suffering from really crappy 3G service ever since EE launched its 4G network. Apparently, actually getting data down the pipe has gotten increasingly, infuriatingly difficult. Has EE somehow forsaken its old 3G service for the shiny new 4G?

The strange thing is that I've actually experienced the exact opposite with EE's 3G. It's gotten much faster, with ping times halved. In fact, in some circumstances I've actually experienced speeds in the 6-8Mbit range, which is almost unheard of in congested central London. That's primarily because EE's been upgrading the backhaul to its towers for 4G, and as its 3G service shares the same pipe it's gotten a boost in the process.

But how about you, though, dear readers? Has anyone been suffering from crappy 3G since EE launched its 4G service? Or are all these reports utter tosh? [MacWorld]

Image credit: No signal from Shutterstock