John McAfee Disguises Himself as Murderer

By Sam Biddle on at

The manic bath-salted odyssey of antivirus magnate John McAfee has taken another sad, strange bend: he's adopted what sounds like the worst disguise in criminal history.

Wired reports that McAfee, wanted for questioning with regards to a jungle murder, "claims to have dyed his hair, eyebrows, beard, and mustache jet black." How can we turn this into a movie if it's full of cliches like these? Also probably not very convincing on the head of a 67-year-old man. But aside from looking silly, McAfee looks downright scary: "I have modified my appearance in a radical fashion," McAfee said to Wired's Joshua Davis, "I'll probably look like a murderer, unfortunately." That... might... not be the best... disguise... John. [Wired]