Jony Ive Wasn't Always Quite So Smooth

By Sam Gibbs on at

There's no doubt, in his own unique Apple way, Jony Ive is a smooth operator. Just look at his incredibly well polished, and clinically-precise delivery in the myriad of modern Apple promo videos. But he hasn't always been that smooth, as this very early Apple video shows. Somehow he looks better without hair.

I thought his odd speech cadence was due to the editing and forced, Apple-style precision, but apparently not; it's all Ive. It's amazing to see the now head of Human Interface at Apple bust out his umming-and-erring stuff back in 1997. Jon, as he was then known, was also shilling something that, well, wasn't exactly a mega hit, even if I did want a 20th Anniversary Mac, just like that gorgeous G4 Cube.

A blast from the past, and probably something Sir Ive would like to leave there, hair and all. Still, not bad for a first attempt. [YouTube via OSX Daily via TUAW]