Man Installs Windows 8 on Original Microsoft Surface Tabletop

By Gary Cutlack on at

A very long time ago in tech years, Microsoft's Surface wasn't a tablet. It was the name of a huge, table-sized touchscreen device designed for businesses to bore people with and super-villains to use to outline their world domination plans to captured spies. Now a man's stuck Windows 8 on one. For a laugh.

The above video comes via our Australian friends, with Aussie reader Mick somehow finding himself in possession of Microsoft's touchable table and deciding to stick Windows 8 on it. And it looks pretty good, although the sweeping arm movements required to control it might end up getting a bit too much after 20 intense minutes of shoving tiles around the place.

Microsoft's original Surface still lives on, only it's been given the new name PixelSense and is being sold as the Samsung SUR40. It's such a limited edition thing you have to phone someone at Samsung if you want to buy one. [Gizmodo Australia]