Man Runs Himself Over Trying to Stop a Truck With His Foot

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brian Reynolds, a 40-year-old inhabitant of Lynn, Massachusetts, improvised a method of stopping his truck when the brakes failed. He stuck his foot out of the door and tried to stop it that way, as if he was riding a bike rather than driving a few tons of American metal.

Sadly for Brian, that didn't work, and when he spun his 1987 Chevy truck around in an attempt to run it up a nearby hill and slow it that way, the swift change of direction saw him fall out of the open door. The truck then ran over his leg and carried on alone, eventually hitting a fire hydrant and coming to a halt.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the cops then fined him $35 for driving a truck with defective brakes. [Boston via Jalopnik]

Image credit: Car accident from Shutterstock