Microsoft and Google Plan Mobile Network Attack With Free UK Wi-Fi

By Gary Cutlack on at

Both Google and Microsoft are badgering the government to be allowed to use the "white space" parts of our radio spectrum that could see them offer free, nationwide Wi-Fi connectivity. Would free, always-on Wi-Fi across the whole country get you to switch to Windows Phone?

Tech companies have been experimenting with white space options for years, trying to find the best way to use and fill the buffering gaps that exist between the used parts of the radio spectrum. According to the Telegraph, Google and MS are both showing "extreme interest" in buying up these chunks of spectrum, which they'd then use to offer mobile broadband to their users. That would be quite an explosive bullet point to put on the spec sheet of a future Lumia or Nexus.

Ofcom has already announced plans to allow the UK's white space to be used by next year, the big question remains as to who's going to get it and what it'll be used for. And if Apple's already patented the idea of doing it or not. [Forbes]