Microsoft: Google Shopping is Lying to You

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft has launched a rather aggressive attack on Google, claiming its fierce internet rival serves up shopping results not based on relevancy, but on how much advertisers have paid to be right at the top of the page.

Calling this the act of "Scroogling" its customers, MS says this is an underhand move by its rival, which betrays the trust of users who might reasonably expect the best, cheapest deals to be shown first, rather than an unadvertised list of promotional links.

Microsoft said: "Merchants can literally pay to improve their chances to display their product offers higher than others inside of Google’s shopping “search,” even if it’s not better or cheaper for the consumer. The result of this new “pay-to-rank” system is that it’s easy for consumers to mistake an ad for an honest search. That’s not right, it’s misleading."

The idea being we'll all switch to Bing in order to escape Google's shameful advert-riddled listings and see a less manipulated set of results. [Microsoft]