Microsoft Kin Usability Videos Show it Wasn't... Usable

By Gary Cutlack on at

Remember Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two phones? They had about three days of mild, bemused hype, before disappearing and being pulled from sale amid a disastrous reception and mass embarrassment for poor Microsoft. These "usability" test videos show why the two semi-smartphones were such a disaster.

The clips, uncovered by Wired, show test users struggling to press menu buttons, finding it virtually impossible to press the X to delete files from a list, with one frustrated tester claiming it took "seven or eight taps" for one of the silly round phones to eventually register a touch and respond to input.

Watch some men suffer:

Just a brief sample of the misery on offer over at Wired which has four clips of Kin tests, all perfectly illustrating why iPhone exploded as the rest of the world floundered about, trying to match Apple's touchscreen revolution. [Wired]