Mobile Master Chef Challenge

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Is it possible to cook a three-course meal using just a Samsung GALAXY Note II? Well, maybe not with just the phone. You might have heard it said that the Note II takes in everything but the kitchen sink, but it’s also missing an oven, and it’s not much use as a chopping board.

What you CAN do, however, is use the GALAXY Note II to help you prepare a meal. The Google Play store is packed with apps that can give you culinary advice, help time your recipes to perfection and even stock up on ingredients.

Here's how we used three of the best recipe apps available to make a three-course meal without, er... making a meal of it!

Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals

The Menu

Let's start with a dish from Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals. The mockney chef has cooked up a multimedia feast with this £4.99 app, packed with full-colour pictures of meals and ingredients and step-by-step recipes with audio and video tips.

From the 60 meals included in the app, we picked his Thai soup with prawns for our starter.

Epicurious is the official app from the foodie blog of the same name. It's free, and features more than 28,000 recipes divided into categories such as 'Decadent Desserts' and 'Weekend Brunch'.

After that spicy Thai starter, we'll want something simple but delicious, so roast rack of lamb in natural jus from the 'Dinner Party Ideas' collection sounds like jus the thing for our main.

For pudding, we've delved into the 250,000 dishes packed into free app BigOven, and come up with a classic crème brûlée, made with eggs and cream and flavoured with vanilla.


Getting the Ingredients

Both the Jamie Oliver app and Epicurious will automatically generate a shopping list based on your menu choices that you can tick off with a finger tap or swipe of the S Pen.

BigOven simply presents the list of ingredients as non-selectable text – but on the Note II, it's easy to grab and paste into S Note, using the Easy Clip tool.

Armed with your shopping list, you could head off to the local supermarket and lug everything back home, but it is much easier to simply order the ingredients right from the Note II itself.

The Google Play store has several free supermarket apps to choose from, from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and others, for quick and easy online shopping and convenient home delivery when you want it. It's even easy to compare two supermarkets at once, using the Note II's handy task switcher to flip between your shopping list and the supermarket apps to place the orders.

We'll make an exception for our starter, though. We want the freshest prawns from our local fishmonger. Luckily, the Jamie Oliver app has a very informative video about selecting fish and how to spot if something may be past its best. Pukka!


Cooking and Serving

Even the actual cooking is easy with the GALAXY Note II. All three of our apps have step-by-step instructions that can be swiped through with a finger, while Jamie's effort even comes with a photo for every stage, and audio tips from the man himself.

The Note II's built-in clock includes a timer and multiple alarms to help you follow recipe timings to the second, or you can even download chef-specific kitchen timers from the Google Play store.

With the meal prepared, the only thing left to do is to grab a picture of each course using Instagram, then share the photos with the friends who can't be there to share the meal! We guarantee you'll never have had so many tweeted pies!