Modular Cocktails Would Make Drink-Mixing Child's Play

By Eric Limer on at

Now there's nothing really wrong with the practice of making cocktails as it stands right now. Buying bottles of ingredients and mixing them together is pretty straightforward. This modular cocktail system would be awesome for the lazy, and the drunk, and lazy drunks.

Enkaja, a concept by designers at the Tatabi Studio is more an idea about packaging than anything else. The basic ideal is that you market single unit packages of cocktail ingredients in this single serving cylinder blocks. These blocks categorized into bases (which might be a mixer, such as Coke or whathaveyou), spirits (duh), and touches (Cointreau, lime, bitters, etc). Then all you have to do is pick up the ingredient pods you need, snap them together which breaks a foil and lets them mix, and then pour out the top. Instant cocktail. It's like the Legos of drinking.

This would in no way eliminate standard drink mixing, but it could be useful for some folks. Ignorant idiots like myself, for example, who couldn't mix a drink to save their lives, but also uneducated drinkers—also like myself—who might try some more sophisticated drinking at home it didn't require going out and buying a bar's worth of ingredients.

For now, Enkaja is just a concept, and it'd have some serious hurdles to overcome if it wanted to be real. Either all the ingredients would have to be first party (and therefore probably exactly high quality) or there'd have to be licensed liquor partners, another headache entirely. I guess in the meantime I'll just have to stick to drinking straight bourbon. Can't mess that up. [Tatabi Studio via Co.Design]

Modular Cocktails Would Make Drink-Mixing Child's Play