Multitasking Made Easy with Multi Window

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Predictive text, smart dialling, tabbed browsing… Just think of all the mobile features we didn’t even know we needed until we couldn’t do without them! And if you think it’s been too long since a killer feature hit the world of smartphones, then brace yourself for Multi Window on the Samsung GALAXY Note II!

In a nutshell, Multi Window is a split-screen view of two apps at once. Samsung have tailored it to take full advantage of the Note II’s HD Super AMOLED 5.5-inch display and it means you’ll never again be limited to just one task at a time.

Compatible with over 10 key Android apps (the number of compatible apps varies by countries) you can activate Multi Window by long-pressing the back button. A sidebar displaying your Multi Window apps will appear along the left of the screen, from where you simply drag your two chosen apps into the main portion of the display in order to cascade them, one atop another.

The Multi Window app selection includes ChatON, S Note, Chrome, Facebook, Internet Browser, Gallery, Gmail, Maps, Email, Messaging, Gtalk, Video Player, YouTube and Twitter. Once your choice of apps is deployed, the divider between the two can be dragged to give one app more or less room than the other.

Multi Window on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

See Things From Both Sides

If you’re wondering how you might use Multi Window, simply ask yourself this - what two things do I wish I could do at once?

How about browse simultaneously across two websites? Just Multi Window Chrome and the Samsung Browser. Want to stay on top of your social life? Simply Multi Window the Facebook and Twitter apps. Need to send an SMS message to your mate while browsing the web? No problem!

With so many application combinations to play with on the incredible 5.5-inch display, Multi Window makes the Samsung GALAXY Note II the ultimate in smartphone multitasking – and the perfect combination of work and play on the go.