Network Gets Sued While Trying to Protect Pirates

By Gary Cutlack on at

A very sordid little affair has broken out in the US, where a network and ISP is being sued by a porn industry collective for refusing to hand over the details of torrent users it claims are guilty of pirating adult movies.

US network Verizon is trying to do the right thing. It claims that court subpoenas asking it to reveal the details of those suspected of file sharing over the network breaches the privacy of the users involved, a stance that's angering copyright holders who say this is tantamount to the network shielding pirates in order to keep its user base happy.

Now a group of adult film publishers have filed a case asking Verizon to be found guilty of contempt of court for failing to comply with requests to hand over user data, claiming the network is using its might to resist court cases that smaller networks would be unable to fight. [TorrentFreak]

Image credit: Pirate cannon from Shutterstock