New Mobile Network "The People's Operator" Does Calls, Data and Charity Donations

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new mobile reseller has arrived in the UK, with The People’s Operator (TPO) selling some feel-good calling plans that donate profits and a share of customer spending to worthy causes and charities.

TPO will give 25 per cent of its profits to charity (assuming it keeps going long enough to ever make any), and is also siphoning off 10 per cent of all the money its users spend on call, text and data top-ups to distribute in the same worthy manner.

The network's list of PAYG prices isn't too bad, offering UK calls for 12.5p a minute and free calls to other TPO users, but you'd better be feeling very charitable if you plan on using a lot of mobile data, as that doesn't come with any free initial allowance and TPO will charge you at 12.5p per megabyte from the off.

Although once your SIM's activated, extra data bundles can be had at around £4 for 100MB, with additional chunks of calling minutes and texts also available. [TPO]