Nintendo Boss Performs Amazingly Precise Surgical Wii U Unboxing

By Gary Cutlack on at

The tedious art of the unboxing video has been taken to extraordinary new highs, thanks to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata donning a pair of white gloves and showing the kids how to feign excitement about seeing a power supply unit and instruction manual.

Iwata expresses genuine joy and delight as he successfully removes the plastic from each component of Wii U and its associated power/stand/cabling accessories, holding each element up, triumphantly, for an extreme close-up when fully removed from the box.

His discovery of an HDMI cable at around the 4:00 mark seems to be a particularly exciting moment for Iwata, who holds it up for a good few seconds so we can enjoy it. It's almost as if he wasn't involved in the decision making process about whether to put one in the box for free or not. [YouTube via BGR]