Nokia Lumia 920 Versus a Car

By Sam Gibbs on at

Drop tests? Pah, who simply drops their phone these days? I mean, the number of times I've run over my phone with my car, but no one tests for that, right? Having survived loads of other tests, some guy intent on destroying his Lumia 920, took it to 'the next level'. Phone versus car; who will win?

Honestly, I'm surprised by the result. Who'd have thought the Lumia 920 was so damn hardy? I mean, it survives a car, a bat, getting tossed high in the air, in fact, it's only when it's hurled hard against a block of concrete that the screen finally gives in. If that was pretty much any Android phone, and definitely the iPhone, it would be toast simply from the drop, let alone the rest of the abuse.

Nokia's hardware has always been legendary for sheer solid build quality, and it seems the new Lumia is no different. If you want a hardy phone you can drop like you could the Nokia 3310, it looks like the Lumia 920 is it. [YouTube via Ubergizmo]