Now You Can Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into the Awesome ZX Spectrum

By Pete Bennett on at

Are you jonesing for some 80's inspired computer fun on the cheap? Look no further than Paul Dunn's ingenious SpecBAS project, which just rolled out full support for the Raspberry Pi -- your pocket mini-marvel just became a ZX Spectrum, well, minus the tapes, of course.

SpecBAS should provide us nostalgic nerds with everything we remember from the ZX's Sinclair BASIC. Plus it's got a few new-fangled bells and whistles, including loads more maths functions, sound-using samples, as well as jettisoning the 48k memory limit.

Those interested in 'coding like its '82'  can head on over here to grab the SpecBAS 0.755 source code for free. [SpecBAS via The Register]