Nuke Ads on Your Android Without Rooting With Adblock Plus

By Sam Gibbs on at

Do those apps that are only ad-supported, and don't let you pay to remove the ads get on your wick? Do you wish you could browse the web ad-free on your Android device? Adblock Plus to the rescue -- nuke all ads without rooting with this free app.

The venerable Adblock Plus has finally made it to Android, and is available right now on Google Play. It apparently sits in the background filtering out ads using the standard Adblock Plus rule set. Setup is relatively simple, although truth be told, you really need a rooted device to get the most out of it; maybe this is yet another reason to root stock Android?

On rooted devices it'll filter all ads on any connection, but on non-rooted Android-3.1-and-higher devices it'll only filter ads on Wi-Fi. For devices sporting 3.0 and lower, you'll have to set it up as a proxy server to see the magic happen.

Still, considering how wildly popular Adblock Plus is on the desktop, it's a welcome addition to Android for sure. Bear in mind though, folks, that when you block ads you take away the revenue stream that allows free apps and websites to survive, so watch what you block -- you might just kill off that killer app or two. [Adblock Plus via TNW]