Nuke Jet Lag and Look Like a Complete Idiot Doing It

By Sam Gibbs on at

Loads of people say they have the cure for jet lag, from a ballpoint pen rubbed on your big toe, to starving yourself on the plane, but the folks behind the 'Re-Timer' reckon, through science, they've finally got the answer: an insane-looking pair of green, light-up glasses that trick your brain into resetting your body clock.

Apparently the breakthrough came when researchers at Flinders University in Southern Australia realised that it wasn't actually white light that helped your body regulate its clock, but green or blue light. The idea is you wear the green LED-equipped glasses for 50 minutes in the evening, three days before your flight and once when you get to your jet-set destination.

As the incredibly brain washing-like promo video above describes, they promise is to nuke that sluggish feeling of jet lag, and remove any nausea that's commonly associated with it, so that you're fired up and ready to go once stepping off the plane. Who knows whether they actually work. They're £160 a pop, so they're not exactly cheap, but you might find they're offered as part of a premium flight package soon. Just don't expect to find them on your next Ryanair flight, well, unless you're willing to fork out the cost of a small child for them. [Re-Timer via WSJ]