OK, Robocop's New Armour Looks a Little Better Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

The last we saw of the rebooted Robocop's armour, it was, well, a bit like Batman crossed with Tron -- not exactly the cop made of bullet-proof steel I remember. But this new shot shows signs of improvement. Maybe the Robocop reboot won't be utter rubbish after all.

Apparently, in a draft script that got leaked, it seems Robo's going to go through quite a few revisions, starting off a bit toy-looking and ending up a transforming combat-machine. Let's just hope that bit's done and dusted quickly, so that we don't have to witness lame-ass Robocop too much. Now, how about fixing up those crummy cars we saw the other month, too? [Instagram via Bleeding Cool via io9]