Oprah's Surface Raves Are Coming From an iPad

By Eric Limer on at

Earlier this month, Oprah gave Microsoft Surface a rave review, and since then, she's been keeping up the positive chatter about it on Twitter. The catch? She's been doing it with an iPad. Or at least, her social media intern has.

Twitter removed the ability for third-party clients to broadcast their use on vanilla web-Twitter earlier this year, so the contradiction went largely unnoticed until it got picked up by users of Tweetbot, which still shows that info. This wasn't just a one time thing either; we've confirmed a few other glowing pro-Surface tweets have come from an iPad as well. Like these two, extolling its virtues:

Yep! Those, too, were sent via iPad. Then again, it's not entirely her fault; even if she'd wanted to use Surface, it doesn't have a native Twitter app. I wonder if irony is one of Oprah's #FavouriteThings. [The Next Web]