Piracy Boosts Box Office Takings Through Word-of-Mouth Positivity

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bizarre link between piracy and cinema-going has been uncovered, only it's not what you'd expect. The closure of piracy portal Megaupload coincided with a slight fall in cinema attendance, as the critical word-of-mouth internet recommendation engine faltered.

The data comes from the Munich School of Management and Copenhagen Business School, which published a report into links between the closure of Megaupload at the start of the year and cinema visitor numbers.

If found that the drop in cinema visits, while very tiny, had the strongest effect on smaller movie titles, the sort that rely more on word-of-mouth to spread the message than massive marketing budgets. The report's writers believe this could be due to a lack of social network chit-chat and anecdotal reviews from pirates, who can actually help get word out about films most people wouldn't ordinarily take a punt on seeing. [TorrentFreak]

Image credit: Cinemas from Shutterstock