Poor Old Microsoft Gets Well and Truly Caught In the Israel-Gaza Cross Fire

By Sam Gibbs on at

The hacking retaliation for military action continues, this time with a group of Pakistani hackers joining the fray. Unfortunately, they've decided to take out their wrath on poor old Microsoft and its myriad of Israel-facing sites, oh, and Coke, Groupon, and the BBC too.

Apparently at least 31 different sites were hacked, including Intel, Amazon, Philips, the Beeb, and Groupon, but Microsoft took the brunt of it. Bing, Microsoft Store, MSN, Windows Live, and a load of Xbox sites were all targeted. It doesn't look like Anonymous was involved this time, but it's still aimed squarely at Israel's recent military action.

OK, taking down commercial sites isn't exactly going to worry the Israeli government all that much, after all it's apparently withstood some 44 million hack attempts with only one success. But it doesn't exactly do wonders for business in Israel. Is this new type of war, which spills out onto the internet as well as causing bloodshed on the ground, the future of warfare? I really hope not. [Zone-H via TNW]

Image credit: War hacking from Shutterstock