Reinventing the Pocket Knife As a Crazy Machete

By Eric Limer on at

Do you carry a pocket knife? Does anyone anymore? They can be helpful if you need to open a stubborn package or if you need something for the TSA to take from you at the airport. But though they’re sometimes useful, they aren’t particular fearsome. At least,until Joerg Sprave makes one.

As part of a belated Halloween celebration, the slingshot master took to reinventing the pocket knife to be something a little more threatening, something more along the lines of a pocket machete. For all its size and menace, it does still live up to its name by, you know, fitting in a pocket. And in addition to its slasher movie potential, it can still do good old-fashioned knife-word like spreading condiments.

So the next time disaster hits, maybe you should have one of these babies around. Or on second though, maybe just a normal pocket knife. There’s less of a chance of accidental maiming that way. [Slingshot Channel]