Rumour: OS X 10.9 Will Get Siri and Apple Maps Integration

By Leslie Horn on at

Apple is reportedly testing Siri and Apple Maps integration for the next-gen version of its operating system, OS X 10.9. It makes perfect sense that they'd test two marquee (if controversial) features on the desktop. But that doesn't mean they'll be in the final product.

Mountain Lion, of course, already has dictation. Rolling Siri into the system seems to be the next logical step, especially now that pretty much every Apple mobile device, save for the iPhone 4, has the voice assistant. On the Maps front, Apple would be crazy not to at least test it, considering it's made a commitment to its own navigation software on mobile to begin with. And OS X and iOS are becoming more and more integrated, so these additions wouldn't be too shocking, if they do end up turning up in OS X 10.9. [9to5Mac]