Russell Brand "Could be a Jedi" in Star Wars Sequels says... Russell Brand

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hairy loudmouth Russell Brand is petitioning the Star Wars developers for a bit-part in the future productions, telling the media world he'd do anything to land himself a part in the sequels. We can imagine him as a hairy Jar Jar Binks, ruining everything.

Brand told The Sun: "Why have they not invited me to participate? I'd do anything like that - to be a Jedi for the children. As yet unborn."

Meanwhile, in much more sensible galaxy, another new name has been thrown down the exhaust pipe as a possible director for the first of the three new movies. Rumour has it that the relatively unknown Colin Trevorrow has had meetings with George Lucas, after Lucas was reportedly impressed by Trevorrow's time travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed.

Yes, George Lucas still has ambitions to make Star Wars funny. [Metro]

Image credit: Russell Brand from Shutterstock