Ryanair Gets in on Call Credit Sales With VOIP Chat App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cheapo airline Ryanair has launched a mobile VOIP chat app, letting iPhone and Android users call each other through a wi-fi connection in a sort of budget Skype style.

Obviously there's something in it for Ryanair, which is now selling pre-paid cards that offer a variety of calling minutes to landlines and mobiles. Prices start at £6.50 for a bundle of VOIP talk time that gives you 60 minutes of chat to a mobile or 240 minutes if connecting to a land line, while a £23 chunk of credit gets you 250 and 1000 minutes. That works out as 9.2p a minute when calling mobiles or 2.3p a minute to fixed lines within "Ryanair Zone" countries. Other countries cost more. There's a big chart here.

It's a bit of a weird thing to happen. But it's there if you want it, and we can imagine it doing good business with casual smartphone users who haven't already sorted out their own chat options before travelling. RyanairTalk is out now for Android and iOS. [RyanairTalk]