S Pen-did! Top Tips to Harness S Pen Power

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The awesome S Pen on the Samsung GALAXY Note II truly is mightier than the sword! There's no end to the clever and creative things you can do with it, but here are just a few of our favourites...

Air View on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

The View from the Air

When using apps such as S Note and S Planner on the GALAXY Note II, Air View lets you see information quickly and easily without even touching the screen!

The Note II is clever enough to know when the S Pen is hovering just above its amazing HD Super AMOLED display, allowing you to access contact info, browse pictures and even preview messages and emails without having to trawl through folders and menus.

Just hold the rubber tip of the S Pen a few millimetres above notes, contacts and photos to bring them to life. It’s guaranteed to save you time every day!

Quick Command on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Command Performance

If you find your way around your GALAXY Note II using only the traditional menus, you’re not making use of its full potential.

Quick Command lets you draw gestures with your S Pen, enabling you to jump straight to the app or feature you need and saving you stacks of time.

To use Quick Command, press the S Pen button and drag it up the screen. Then draw your gesture and watch the magic happen!

You can see a full list of Quick Command gestures by pressing the S Pen button again and hovering it over the menu.

Quick Command on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

As You Command!

Quick Command isn’t limited to a few pre-determined gestures. You can set up bespoke S Pen gestures for almost any app or function you can think of, making your Note II even faster and easier to use.

To get started, just tap the settings button and choose ‘Add a command’. A popup will appear, allowing you to choose the application or function you want to create a Quick Command for. Then all you need to do is draw a new gesture with your S Pen. Tap ‘Done’ and next time you launch Quick Command, your brand new command will be good to go!

Easy Clip on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Cut it Out!

If you’re browsing the web on your Note II and find a picture that sparks a great idea, you can grab it and save it in seconds using Easy Clip.

Simply hold down the S Pen button and draw a line around the image or section of an image you want to capture. It doesn’t matter what shape you draw – the S Pen will create a clipping path and send whatever’s inside it to your Screenshots folder.

From here, it couldn’t be easier to share the image or to paste it into other apps!

S Note on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

All the Right Notes

How many times have you been on a call and needed to write down an important bit of info or a phone number? That usually means scrabbling around for a pad and pen – but with the Note II, you already have everything you need in your hand.

As soon as you remove the S Pen from its holder, Popup Note will fire into life, so you can write down whatever you need, before saving it for future reference, or sharing it straight away. So there’s no need to worry about finding and not losing scraps of paper ever again!

Photo Note on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Memories Stick

In the old days we used to write on the back of our precious photos to remind us of the date, occasion, and the name of that weird guy with the bad haircut. Nowadays we often struggle with anonymous file names while taking more pictures than ever before.

Well, not with the S Pen on the GALAXY Note II! Photo Note allows you to flip your photos over on-screen, then write on the back, just like you would in real life.

Your notes will be saved for the future and you can add to them at any time. Just look for the folded down top-right corner to see which of your photos have treasured memories written on the back.

Easy Clip on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Note Time Like the Present

S Note is the powerful in-built app at the heart of the GALAXY Note II, so it’s no surprise you’ll want to be able to open it fast.

Once again, the S Pen is your friend here, as all you need to do is press the button and tap the screen twice.

In no time at all, you’ll be making handwritten notes, working up ideas, organising your files and all the other things the indispensable S Note allows!

Idea Sketch on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Words and Pictures

The S Pen is great for drawing, but what if you can’t draw? That’s no problem on the Note II, when you use the S Pen with the Idea Sketch function!

Idea Sketch helps you visualise your ideas and make engaging presentations by automatically adding illustrations to your hand-written notes.

It delves into a bank of drawings to make your writing come alive, and works with the intuitive S Pen to help your ideas flow freely from inception to fruition!

Handwriting on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Did We Mention it Writes, As Well?

The S Pen can do a lot of cool things, but it can also behave like a traditional pen would. That means you can jot down notes and ideas on the GALAXY Note II just as easily as you would on a piece of paper.

And, just like you would when writing in a jotter, you can circle important information, underline things, make quick annotations and even cross things out, making the Note II the most natural writing experience you can have on a smartphone.

You can even write or draw onto any piece of content you like, whether it’s a webpage, an email, your calendar or another app. Just press the S Pen button and away you go!