Samsung Really Wants To Know the Juicy Details of Apple's Patent Deal with HTC

By Eric Limer on at

Instead of going all thermonuclear against Android handset-maker HTC, Apple signed a patent decade-long licensing deal with them. Now Samsung, which is one significantly less friendly terms with Apple, wants to know exactly what that deal was, and is filing to have it revealed.

Samsung's reasoning here is that the HTC deal may very well contain some of the patents that Apple is using in its fight against Samsung. If that's the case, Samsung would like to know. If the filing goes through, Apple will have to give Samsung a copy of the up-til-now confidential agreement, including a list of the patents involved.

The lawyer representing Samsung in the case put it this way:

"As you know, the issue of Apple's willingness to license its patents was briefed in Samsung's opposition to Apple's motion for permanent injunction. This license has direct bearing on the question of irreparable harm and whether monetary remedies are adequate."

Samsung's made it clear it has no intentions of playing nice with Apple, so consider this an attempt to collect some intel for the next skirmish, not an attempt to draft similar agreement. Samsung is pushing for a decision on the matter by November 27th. [CNET]