Samsung Sets New Shark Jump Record With Angry Birds Gangnam Style Flash Mob

By Gary Cutlack on at

Where to begin? This video shows Samsung going absolutely berserk and throwing in the kitchen sink in an attempt to sell its Smart TVs, awkwardly combining Angry Birds with Gangnam Style dancing and... a flash mob.

A few bewildered pensioners and some unemployed people gathered around to watch the nightmare unfold in London's Westfield Stratford shopping centre, seeing youths start an impromptu dance to Gangnam Style followed by some break-dancing men in Angry Birds hats jumping in, all in the name of creating the above embeddable video.

Perhaps realising the horror it has unleashed, Samsung has wisely disabled commenting beneath the YouTube clip. The thing they're selling here is the fact you can now play Angry Birds on Samsung's Smart TVs. Just emailing out a press release would've got the job done and saved everyone the embarrassment. [Samsung]