Samsung Tells Apple To Take A (Price) Hike

By Chris Mills on at

News from the front line of the Apple-Samsung war, and Samsung, fresh off the back of winning more money back from Apple in the UK, is sticking the knife in by jacking up processor prices for Apple by 20%.

According to the WSJ, a person "familiar with negotiations" between the two behemoths suggested that the price rise only applies to chips being shipped to sunny Cupertino - which just goes to show that this isn't Samsung responding to rising costs or whatnot, but simply trying to stick one to their American rivals. By contract, Apple are stuck with Samsung as one of their processor manufacturers 'till 2014, and even then there aren't any other factories that come close to matching Samsung in terms of output and quality - Apple shipped 130 million units that use Samsung chips last year.

So, the real question for us end-users is: will Apple will let the price hike eat into their astronomical margins, or are we going to see a corresponding rise in the price of shiny iDevices? Either way, one thing's for sure - Samsung's gonna have a bit more petty cash at the end of the day. [Marketwatch via TechDigest]

Image credit: Armwrestle from Shutterstock