Samsung's Bendy Screens Almost on the Horizon

By Chris Mills on at

Seeing as Samsung's pushed the boundaries of phone size to their absolute limits, it was only a matter of time before they were forced to try and completely reinvent the whole smartphone scene (and stick it to Apple and their copyright lawyers once and for all). Sammy's answer? Bendy screens, now reportedly less than a year from launch. I can hear the drop-testers salivating already.

Yeah, bendy screens aren't anything new at all: Samsung's been working on them for around a decade now. Samsung's even teased us with concepts before, but if it actually has working devices, it's about as eager as a grumpy toddler to share. However, with the increasing speed of innovation, and other firms researching similar tech, it looks like it might finally get its arse in gear and have something hit market. The Wall Street Journal quotes a source 'familiar with the matter' as saying flexible screens are expected to be released first half of next year. Before you start choosing your campsite outside the nearest Phones4u, note this is a ship time for displays; Samsung's just going to be selling the displays to other manufacturers at the moment, so you can expect a little more delay before you can actually buy the damned things.

Still, when bendy screens do actually hit the market, it should be worth it. If they're even one-tenth as good as the glitzy concept videos, we'll all be running round squishing phones into our skinniest hipster-jeans in no time. [WSJ via Daily Mail]