Sharp Is Pleading With US Firms to Help It Out

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Japanese manufacturer Sharp is in serious talks with a number of US companies to try and save its finances. It plans to offer up stakes in the business in return for a "stable supply of breakthrough display technology".

The Journal reports that Dell, in particular, has been a focus of Sharp's advances, along with Intel and Qualcomm. In return for a hefty investment—somewhere in the region of £150 million—Sharp is promising these companies an inside track on future technologies. Presumably that means the latest version of its indium gallium zinc oxide—IGZO—displays.

Sharp's clamoring for investment is an attempt to turn its balance sheet around. According to the Journal, Sharp is expecting a second straight year of record losses—so at this point it will take pretty desperate measures to stop itself hemorrhaging cash. [Wall Street journal]

Image by Steve Snodgrass under Creative Commons license