Shockingly, Google's Mighty Grasp on Britain Actually Slipped

By Sam Gibbs on at

Does anyone actually use anything else other than Google? It seems so; in fact Google's strangle hold on the UK actually slipped for the first time in five years. Has Google lost its mojo?

Ha, no, not exactly. Yes, according to Experian Hitwise, Google's search share has slipped below 90 per cent for the first time in five long years, but it's only a 1.41 per cent decline. Google totally owns the search market in Blighty with an 89.33 per cent share; Bing, Ask and Yahoo all gained search share, but only very small amounts.

Considering Google is built into almost every browser search bar by default, I'm amazed any of the others even get a look in. Does anyone from the Giz UK readership actually use Bing or any of the others on a regular basis? [The Register]

Image credit: Sad from Shutterstock