Shooting Challenge #9 Results: Stairs

By Martin Snelling on at

In our last Shooting Challenge we gave you a simple brief; one that was open to a lot of interpretation and gave you scope for oodles of creative goodness. The task of shooting stairs or components of was the perfect opportunity to see things from another angle; and many of you rose to the challenge.

We received a good number of entries; you all took the brief and ran with it. But of course, there can be only one winner and this week's virtual crown goes to Mark Boadey and his photograph taken at Liverpool's One shopping complex. It's a fantastic image full of lines, layers, angles and of course stairs.

Here's a few words from Mark:

"These stairs are located in the Liverpool One shopping complex, it's a mixture of escalators and zig-zag stairs. I've always liked the way they intersect each other. Taken with a Canon 7D and 24-105mm lens, I could have done with a wider lens as you can only get this shot from one location. I took the picture with mono in mind with a small crop and a boost to the contrast added in post."

Again, well done Mark.

Honourable mentions must to go the following people:

Oli Johnson


Ben Millen


Errik Wong


Iain Harkiss


You can see all of this week's entries over on our Flickr page.

Thanks once again to everyone that took the time to take their photos and submit them. There will be another Shooting Challenge next week and I'm not giving any hints (or maybe I already have).

Martin Snelling is a Hampshire-based man about town who works in the videogame industry. A keen photographer, Martin shoots on film and digital; he blogs here, and tweets here.