Siri Gaining Traction... as a Baby Name

By Gary Cutlack on at

Warped and borderline evil parents are turning to Apple products for inspiration when it comes to deciding what to call their doomed-to-fail babies, with the likes of Apple, Mac and even Siri showing increases in popularity as baby names.

According to stats reported by Baby Center, the name Siri showed a five per cent increase in usage among parents of the 450,000 babies born to users of the site during 2012, with the incidence of kids called Apple up 15 percent and even the use of Mac rising by 12 per cent.

Happily, it doesn't appear that the rise in popularity of Android has led to babies being called Optimus or Nexus in any significant number.

In other sad modern naming news, the site claims the success of adult porn novel 50 Shades of Grey has resulted in a 20 per cent increase in kids simply called Grey, while other poor girls are being lumbered with the name Anastasia, which is up 10 per cent supposedly because pregnant mums spend their maternity leave lounging around reading erotic S&M books. [Baby Center via Techradar]

Image credit: Scared baby from Shutterstock