Skype's Giving Everyone Free Unlimited Worldwide Phone Calling For an Entire Month, But Only If You Claim It Right Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Time to call that long-lost Aunt in the middle of absolute nowhere; Skype's just announced you can now claim a whole month's worth of unlimited free world-wide landline and mobile calling, but only if you claim it by end of play today. Free phone calls? Why the hell not.

Does anyone still call people these days? You know, to actual phones? Anyway, free's free and while, yes, there is a 'fair usage policy', it seems pretty generous for the odd free phone call to some 40-odd countries. You will also have to attach some sort of payment system to your account, just in case you want to use it after the month is out.

In the UK, and quite a lot of other countries, the free calling only covers landlines, but if you have a mate in Canada, the US, China, Hong Kong or Singapore, feel free to annoy his mobile any time of the day or night. Jump on over to Skype to claim your free calling now, before the end of play today. [Skype via Ubergizmo]

Image credit: VoIP from Shutterstock