Some People Are Crazy Desperate for the Nexus 4

By Chris Mills on at

After the Nexus 4 sold out in super-fast time yesterday, it's unsurprising how many versions of it swamped eBay. What is surprising, though, is the sheer amount of money some suckers are willing to put down for a phone where the main appeal is price.

Take this for an example - £509.99,  plus shipping mind you, for a phone that you can get for £279 if you're willing to wait a bit. That's just plain insane. It's not limited to the 16GB version, either - people are paying way over the odds for the 8GB as well. Granted, these are on the higher ends; ballpark figures at the moment are around £340 for the 8GB and £380-400 for the 16GB. Even then, it's still silly.

I sorta, vaguely at the back of my mind can understand why people are willing to pay this sort of premium for a flagship phone, as some people are just willing to pay for the best. But the selling point of the Nexus 4 isn't that it's pushing the absolute limits of technology, it's pushing the absolute limits of price. Remove that, and there's nothing really amazing about it - and sure as hell not for £510! Still, each to their own....

Thanks, Pete!

Image credit: Angry mob from Shutterstock