Sony to Most People With DSLRs: You Are a Bunch of Imbeciles

By Jesus Diaz on at

Sony is trying to sell their new NEX e-mount camera by telling most DSLR users that they are dumb and stupid and clueless. According to their data, two thirds of all DSLRs users never take their camera out of the full-auto mode.

And almost three quarters admit they purchased it "for fun" and "family snapshots." And 20 percent got it to post low res photos to Facebook.

So, knowing this, they took out professional photographer Gary Heery to the streets to tell all these people that they are a bunch of imbeciles who wasted a lot of money and apparently like to carry around heavy equipment to make their dumb full-auto photos.

Well, Sony—maybe this is not the best way to sell your new camera. Even if you are 100-percent right—and yes, yes you are totally right. [Sony Australia via PetaPixel]