Space-Saving Gifts for People with Tiny Homes

By Peter Ha on at

The basic essentials for living under a roof with four adjacent walls are a constant. But it you live in a shoebox apartment, a dorm room, or a tiny studio, you have to make every little item count. Here are a handful of compact gifts that make a solid contribution to a happy home—and don't take up a whole lot of room while they do it.


Braun radio controlled wall clock

Clocks serve two very specific purposes: to tell you what time it is and whether or not you're running late. Your phone might not always be within reach and who wears a watch anymore? With a wall mounted clock, you'll always be in the know. This variant from Braun is radio controlled for more accurate time keeping and even displays the date. It's battery powered and comes in three colors (white, black, blue). £32 from Amazon


Samsung PN43E450

Let's assume for a minute that a television isn't a high priority on your list of basic home essentials but you're not necessarily looking to pick up whatever is on sale either. Samsung's 43-inch plasma hits the sweet spot on both features and price. It might only be 720p but you're already in a small place, so better viewing angles are a must, negating the need for more pixels. In addition to that, plasmas offer better contrast ratios than LCDs and you can mount this on the wall. Oh, and it's under £400.


Cuisinart 4-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

All things aside, you gotta eat, right? Even if you struggle to boil water or make toast, this compact little rectangle from Cuisinart has you covered. In two easy steps, you'll have yourself a delicious meal that didn't come out of a box. As a plus, it automagically switches to warming mode once the cook time ends. Easy, right? Mom would be proud. £65 from ChefsCatalog


simplehuman adjustable shower caddy

simplehuman adjustable shower caddy

It may not be the coolest doodad on the list but chances are your tiny little abode comes with a shower. But a bathtub with its plethora of shelf space might not be included. Keep your shower essentials organized by sliding shelves up or down, left or right to accommodate all your personal hygiene products. It even comes with hooks for your razor or toothbrush. £36 from Amazon


Possini Euro Chrome and Silver LED Arc Floor Lamp

Being practical might seem boring but you don't have a lot of space for too many toys now, do you? This arc lamp from Possini takes a classic design and packs modern tech for all your lighting needs. A 20-watt array of LEDs keeps things cool and energy efficient. It will tuck nicely into any corner and stay out of the way. £220 from Lamps Plus

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