Susan Boyle's Hashtag Fail Causes Twitter Firestorm

By Chris Mills on at

Susan Boyle's PR team originally started using the hashtag #susanalbumparty to celebrate her new album launch. Err, thanks Sue, but I might give this particular party a miss.

There's been a fair bit of controversy surrounding the supposed use of #susanalbumparty as the hashtag used to promote Susan Boyle's new album back in October; lots of Twitter-arguments saying it was all a fan rumour. According to the most recent posts by Twitter-buster-supreme @IsTwitWrong, it was a post by the genuine Susan Boyle account, but was quickly lept on and rectified. There you go -- it's real. Someone, in an office somewhere, typed that with a straight face. Kudos for spotting it quickly, but sorry, you're still in the running for Twitter fail of the year. [Guardian]

Thanks, Saeed!